Dimple forcibly took Kaka's thumb impression, Anita Advani

Anita Advani, the muse of veteran actor Rajesh Khanna claimed that Dimple Kapadia and his daughter Twinkle Khanna had forcibly taken thumb impression of Rajesh Khanna when he was lying on the bed of hospital.

She claimed that she has the film of the incident which shows Dimple and Twinkle forcibly took thumb impression of the ail actor in some legal documents. In the complaint, which she submitted to the magistrate court, Anita claimed that his ex-wife Dimple with daughter arrived with an advocate, along with two doctors and officials from the registrar's office urging Kaka to sign some urgent legal paper.

When they failed to convince him, Dimple and Twinkle took his thumb impression. Anita said that she was also present at the scene when they came and urged Kaka to sign on the documents. She was then asked to leave the room but she filmed some portion of the incident through her mobile phone.

Dimple not only asked her to leave the room but also threatened her to delete the photos and the video from her mobile phone.

The story did not end her. Anita claimed that Dimple and had a scuffle with her but she managed to save few proof of the incident.

Anita Advani filed case against Khanna's ex wife Dimple, daughters Tina Rajiv Bhatia,  Rinki Sareen and son in law Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia  in the Metropolitan Court at Bandra, and the first hearing of the same is slated to take place on Tuesday.

Advani wants share of Mr Khanna's Rs 500 crore properties. Advani has demanded maintenance worth Rs 10 lakh per month so that she could maintain the same lifestyle that she used while living with Mr Khanna.