'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' enters 20th year at Maratha Mandir

The epic love story ’ Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, directed by Aditya Chopra, starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in the lead completed 19 glorious years. The movie has completed being run in the renowned Maratha Mandir Movie hall for the past 19 years and is now all set to celebrate its 20th year of successful running.

The blockbuster movie rendered a new overview to Indian Bollywood cinemas. It was released in the year 1995, and is being loved by generations over the years. Even after two decades, the movie has not ceased to be popular amongst all age-groups.

A couple of weeks back, there were apprehensions that the renowned movie hall will not show the movie. However, Maratha Mandir slammed such speculations.

DDLJ has the credit of the longest running movie in Indian cinema. It achieved Guinness Book of World Records for the same. The interesting plot and characters keep the audience captivated thoroughly. The movie won thousands of hearts throughout the world, and even now, crowd throngs at the Maratha Movie hall to catch a glimpse of the most sought-after movie of Bollywood.

A lesser known fact about DDLJ is that, Aditya Chopra, who debuts as a director in this movie, had compiled the script when he was just in school. The initial choice for the film was Saif Ali Khan. However, luck struck in Shahrukh’s favour!

The movie gifted Shahrukh Khan with an image of a romantic hero in Bollywood, just like Amitabh Bachhan possesses an image of an angry young man in the industry.

Furthermore, DDLJ made Kajol-Shahrukh duo as one of the most popular on-screen couples. The film celebrates the cosy love story of a London-based easy-go-lucky Indian boy with a girl raised in an orthodox Punjabi family, with moralistic values. The story revolves around how the duo met each other, ended up in a broiling fight and how chance and co-incidences brought them together and how they fell for each other. The rest of the story wittily showcases how they convinced the girl’s orthodox father, for getting his approval. The movie showcases Europe’s exquisite beauty and the beautiful mustard fields of Punjab. The mere mention of DDLJ makes us visualise those yellow mustard fields and the sound of mandolin, used by Shahrukh throughout the movie.

Yash Raj Films jubilantly announced the forthcoming celebration to mark the 1000 weeks of this classical love story at the box-office on the 12th of Dec.

It seems DDLJ hangover will continue to stay .