Dilip Kumar’s younger brother Aslam Khan dies of coronavirus

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar’s younger brother Aslam Khan aged 88, passed away due to coronavirus. He passed away early morning at Lilavati hospital. Aslam Khan had diabetes, hypertension and ischaemic heart disease. He along with his brother Eshan Khan (90) had tested positive for Covid-19.

The news of his death was confirmed by Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. Dr Jalil Parker from the hospital had earlier told Hindustan?Times, “They have been kept in ICU but we haven’t intubated them as yet. Considering their age and pre-condition health issues like diabetes and hypertension, we have to be extra careful while treating them.”

Dilip Kumar’s brothers, Aslam and Eshan Khan, were admitted to Lilavati Hospital last Saturday. Both of them tested positive for Covid-19. They were kept at the ICU as they had health complications and their oxygen saturation had dropped below 80%.

Earlier, the doctor treating both of them told ETimes, "They are critical because of their age and comorbidities. Their vital organs are beginning to become a cause of concern."

Confirming their hospitalization, Saira Banu had told ETimes earlier, “They are under treatment of Jalil Parker and Cardiologist Nitin Gokhale. Pray that they should recover well by the Grace of God...AAMEEN."