Dilip Kumar’s condition improves, might put on dialysis

A huge relief for fans and the near and dear ones of the veteran actor Dilip Kumar! His condition has shown a sign of improvement on Friday. His kidney functioning got better and he might be put on dialysis soon.

Lilavati's vice president Ajaykumar Pandey told TOI, "His urine output has improved today, which was a great relief. Even though his creatinine and potassium levels continue to be high, his health condition is much better than yesterday." He said the thespian's condition is stable now. "He has not deteriorated which is a good sign," Pandey said, adding that cardiologist Dr Nitin Gokhale and nephrologist Dr Arun Shah are treating him.

Dilip Kumar is responding to treatment and doing much better. "He is conscious. He spoke to his wife Saira Banu today. He drank tea and had his meals," said Dr. Pandey. 

“Currently there is no requirement of dialysis. He is passing urine, fully conscious and eating well. But if at all the parameters deteriorate, it will be considered,” said Dr Ravishankar, CEO of the hospital.

He added that doctors are keeping a close watch on his renal parameters. “If they find that the parameters are deranged beyond a certain level then we will consider dialysis,” Dr Ravishankar added.

In a career spanning more than 6 decades, he has delivered many blockbusters in his career.

We wish Dilip Kumar a speedy recovery!