Actor Dilip Kumar had advanced prostate cancer, suffered kidney failure

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar passed away peacefully at around 7:30 am in the morning. With his demise, an era has come to an end. For quite sometime, he was in and out of his hospital due to various health issue.

On June 30th, he was rushed to Hinduja hospital in Mumbai and had been undergoing treatment in the ICU.

Doctors informed that Dilip Kumar suffered from advanced prostate cancer that had spread in other parts of his body.

"He had water in the pleural cavity, and he suffered kidney failure. He required blood transfusion multiple times. We carried out the last transfusion but it did not help," a hospital doctor said.

"The fluids accumulated in the pleural cavity had to be removed several times," the doctor said. He suffered a drop in blood pressure and haemoglobin towards the end. "The cancer spread made it difficult to treat him," the doctor said.

Dr Jalil Parkar, a pulmonologist, who had treated Dilip Kumar said reporters, “He passed away at around 7.30 am in the presence of his cardiologist Dr Nitin Gokhale at 98 due to a prolonged illness. I wished he was with us till he was 100, but God has snatched him away from us. Saira ji took immense care of him during his illness and in the last few years, he was treated by Dr Nitin Gokhale, cardiologist, Dr Anita Patel, urologist and Dr Jaideep Palep, a surgeon and myself.’’

As soon as the news spread, tributes poured in. Prime minister Narendra Modi and many Bollywood celebrities paid their heartfelt condolence.