Different avatars of Kareena as Mahi Arora in 'Heroine'

Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine has been quite a challenging film for Kareena Kapoor. The film focuses on the life and career of an actress named Mahi essayed by Kareena. Mahi is the prototype and a representative of the actresses of the Hindi Film Industry. It depicts their world the way they see it and know it. It unveils the hidden underlying truths, the struggles, and the gloominess that pervades into their lives.

For such a true and multi-dimensional portrayal of the reality of this world the protagonist needed to be a grey character that could encompass all the facets of this industry. Thus there are many shades to Mahi’s character. Let us browse through the various avatars that Kareena takes up to do full justice to the portrayal of the on-goings in a heroine’s life in the Film Industry.

Famous Mahi- she was born to be in the limelight. She is famous, and thus gets all the attention from the media and her co-stars who want to work with her. She is at the peak of her career and thus is successful. Media throngs around her and she is in the public-eye all the time. She is flooded with offers and is making money. She enjoys the attention that is showered on her.

Arrogant Mahi- fame and money has a strong effect on people. Mahi too is no exception. She is glamorous and a diva. She is wanted by many. She has the fame and the big bucks that take a toll on her mind. Her attitude changes to that of an egotistical and big-headed heroine. She turns arrogant and bold just as anybody else.

Passionate Mahi- Mahi was obsessively in love with a superstar who did not quite feel the same way for her. Her only source of happiness and content was love. Love was her driving-force in life. But that too had a negative effect on her. Love made her aggressive, reckless, insane and foolish and controlled her responses in life.

Careless Mahi- when it was time for her to strategize her moves to strengthen her ground and remain at the top she took her fame for granted. Other heroines planned their career to take it forward with endorsements, good films or even marriage. She took her stardom casually. Taking her career lightly is not a good thing to do is beyond her understanding.

Ineffective Mahi- when she gives all her time and concentration to her love-life she falters in her career. She is unable to hold the reigns of her stardom that slips through her fingers. Fame and stardom is ever- fleeting, but Mahi does not realise that until her glory and prominence is snatched away from her. She is dejected and unwanted by all of the Industry.

The film gives focus to the different avatars that she puts on to bring into effect the real world behind all the eminence and recognition. What keeps our interest in the film on, is whether she is able to bounce back or she spirals into the world of dejection and recklessness.

Madhur Bhandarkar has always been able to give a true to life portrayal of the topic that he is dealing with in his film and we are sure that through the different shades of the character of Mahi Arora he will be able to bring to the forefront the unsaid truths of this world in “Heroine”.

There have been many films made in the same line of thought, like “The Dirty Picture”, “Raaz 3” and now “Heroine”. What makes this film different is the multi-faceted nature of Mahi Arora that will be worth watching at the theatres.