Did Salman Khan slap Katrina Kaif in public?

Salman KhanSalman Khan and girlfriend Katrina Kaif have been facing problems in their relationship for some time now. It is clear that all is not well between them. In fact, some time back there were rumours about the couple splitting. And now according to sources things have worsened as Salman recently slapped Katrina in public at a café.  

Salman and Katrina are regulars at the Bandstand coffee shop and have been spotted sipping their café their several times. Recently the two had stopped by for their usual fix of coffee. However while sipping their coffee, Salman and Katrina got into a heated argument. Salman who is known for his bad temper reportedly slapped Katrina in the midst of the argument. Katrina as well as other clients at the café were simply shocked by this sudden behaviour of Salman's. An onlooker who was also present at the café said "They were chatting when suddenly the argument got heated. Salman got up and slapped his girlfriend across her left cheek. It wasn’t a hard slap but it made a cracking sound, leaving the actress and the onlookers stunned in shocked silence.  Instead of making a scene, she quietly got up and walked out, without uttering a word." However Katrina tried to maintain her dignity by just walking out of the venue instead of retaliating. She did not say a word to Sallu at the time. 

Salman Khan is known for his bad temper and violent ways. In the past he has reportedly, physically abused his ex-girlfriends like Somy Ali and Aishwarya Rai. However everyone believed that Sallu and Kats relationship was different and that he had sobered down in life. But cracks in the Sallu-Kat relationship have been showing for some time now. Salman was first upset with Katrina when she agreed to do a film opposite one of his rivals, Shahid Kapur. Sallu even went as far as asking director Santoshi to drop Shahid from the film. Currently the film has been postponed indefinitely. Salman was even upset with Katrina for signing new films opposite actor Akshay Kumar due to their crackling on-screen chemistry and rumours of their link-ups. Sallu and Kats are working together in Subhash Ghai's film Mein Yuvraj and while shooting for this film, they did try to make things work. 

But it seems like things have taken a turn for the worse as Salman has got extremely moody and quite snappy. They have been bickering constantly ever since his return from London for the unveiling of his wax statue and now Salman has further damaged his relationship with Kats by slapping and humiliating her in public. However Katrina denied the entire slapping incident and said "its rubbish!" So it remains to be seen whether Katrina will let the incident just go by and where the Sallu-Kat relationship is headed?