Did Preity Zinta have an affair with married man Shekhar Kapoor?

For months now former actress Suchitra Krishnamurthy has been accusing a particular bollywood actress of having an affair with her now ex-husband director Shekhar Kapoor. Suchitra has even written several slanderous articles on websites about the top bollywood actress. When Suchitra was recently questioned who the actress was, she indirectly referred to actress Preity Zinta. However Suchitra is most appalled that recently Preity Zinta actually had the gall to call her up and try and give her explanations for the entire incident between her and Shekhar.
Suchitra Krishnamurthy has acted in a few films; she had also done a film opposite Shahrukh Khan earlier. However Suchitra gave up her film career after marriage and motherhood, she has a young daughter Kaveri. Suchitra and Shekhar have recently divorced and they are on much more amicable terms as of now. Suchitra is now seen a lot more on the party circuit, she is keen to return to commercial films but right now she is also concentrating on her paintings. Suchitra had also come out with a few song albums earlier. She was devastated about the break down in her marriage and at one point she even considered suicide, but fortunately she soon realized her self worth and her motherhood instincts also took over. Suchitra is now trying to get her life back on track.

However Suchitra remains appalled by Preity Zinta’s guts to even call her up and offer explanations, Suchitra says “Preity called me and asked why I was slurring her reputation? How dare she call me? She dare not call me again.” Suchitra claims that Preity even tried to get her and her daughter to attend the premiere of Jaanemann. Suchitra says “She was holding a screening for kids and wanted Kaveri and I to attend. She wanted to build this family image, but I am appalled at her guts.” When Preity spoke to Suchitra she supposedly even tried to explain to her that she was getting married and that Shekhar would give her away like a father gives away his daughter. Shekhar is a director and has directed several films like Bandit Queen and the much acclaimed Elizabeth. He has also acted, produced and written scripts. However Shekhar has never ever spoken to the media about his personal life and Preity Zinta too has denied any affair with Shekhar.