Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Soares re-enters the house, hugs Gautam

Supermodel Diandra Soares is all set to enter the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ 8 and she is sure to create as much stir in it as she did in her previous visit. In the last episode Ajaz Khan who was a contestant in the previous season, entered the house and things did not go well with Ali Quli Mirza as a result. Now, Diandra will enter the house as a guest. She had been evicted two weeks ago.

The sneak peek shows the model meeting with her previous housemates and this already plays havoc with the dynamics of the house. The model entered as a part of the freeze release task. She got in as soon as the contestants were frozen so that she could express why she was rude on her way out. She hugged her buddy Upen Patel and then went and met with Gautam Gulati.

Diandra advises Upen not to talk about the relationship between her and Gautam Gulati. Gulati was completely blown away by the surprise visit. Both the friends got emotional and Diandra even expressed her wish that Gautam should win the show. "Ab mere baare tumse koi kuch kahe to usko bolna Shut up!" she told Gautam. As she was leading him out to the garden, the model commented, "Chalo is baar bathroom nahi le jaungi." This was in reference to the notorious bathroom romance of which the pair was accused.

Arrangements have been made for a romantic date for her and Gautam in the garden. It remains to be seen whether love was rekindled over its course. She also met with Karishma Tanna and told her to avoid faking friendships.

It was an emotional day on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss’ 8, as this was also the day of visit by relatives. The inmates were put in a freeze release position. They had to turn to statues till the Bigg Boss gave them permission to release. All the inmates were thus frozen. At first a group of tourists entered the house followed by a clown who was very eager to smash cake on the faces of the frozen contestants. Later on Deepali Issar entered the house and met her husband Puneet while he was in the freeze position. She also hugged and made up with Karishma Tanna. The emotional atmosphere had everybody in tears. The surprise visit of Diandra is sure to make many of the contestants emotional as well.