Diamond ring on Katrina’s ring finger

Katrina KaifWhen precious gift like diamond ring is entangled with Katrina Kaif’s name then it is obvious that one will speculate a beginning of a new relationship between Salman and Katrina. But before you come to any such conclusion, we would like to inform you that the diamond ring is not gifted her by Salman and neither the ring is an indication of their engagement. It has been gifted her by Filmfare for winning world’s sexiest woman title. This moment has been captured for the cover of its current issue.

It was a coincidence that the ring did not fit into any of her finger except her ring finger. She was elated to be honored with the precious gift. During the occasion, she refuted about getting married soon and brushed off the rumor of Akshay ignoring her calls when she called him seeking moral support at IIFA. In the question and answer session, she was tierd of defending herself as well as Salman and Akshay. An exasperated Katrina said, “I am going to take money from Salman and Akshay since it seems like I am their spokesperson.”