Dharmendra-themed eatery ‘Dharam Garam-Dhaba Te Theka' opens in Delhi

A new restaurant ‘Dharam Garam-Dhaba Te Theka' opened in Delhi’s Cannaught Place area which is themed after the ‘He-Man’ of Bollywood Dharmendra. Framed posters of the veteran actor’s iconic movies, his memorable dialogues and his pictures adorn the walls of the eatery.

Designed in a manner that combines the feel an urban and a rural destination, the restaurant compliments Dharmendra’s journey to superstardom. The actor himself was invited to inaugurate the outlet on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters at the inauguration, Dhermendra said, "I had never imagined that I will have a restaurant in Delhi's Connaught Place area and it will be named 'Garam Dharam'. Over the years I have got so many tags, from 'Action Man' to 'He-Man' and even 'Garam Dharam', for which I am thankful to everybody."

The 79-year-old actor was slightly apprehensive with the idea of the themed-restaurant but was convinced because of its unique quality of blending rural with urban. "Dhabas are usually found in the small by-lanes of big cities, so who would have thought that both, a dhaba and a theka will co-exist together in a place like central Delhi," he said.

Co-owned by Umang Tiwari and Mickey Mehta, the restaurant features popular movie posters of the actor, including ‘Chupke Chupke’, ‘Dharam Veer’ and ‘Sholay’.

The classic bike from the movie ‘Sholay’ on which Dharmendra and his co-star Amitabh Bachchan were seen singing the memorable ‘Yeh Dosti’ song also enjoys a pride of place in the restaurant. His portraits in various avatars from action to romantic, share the space with his famous dialogues.

The restaurant also offers 'desi' themed mocktails and cuisines, served in a big-glass and huge steel-plate.