‘Depressed’ Salman Khan skipped dinner, broke down in his cell

Salman Khan not only spent a sleepless night in Jodhpur central jail but also skipped dinner served to him and looked depressed the entire night and even broke down in his cell. He did not expect this to happen. He complained of high blood pressure.

Says a source, "First, Salman's medical examination was done. While his blood pressure was normal, his mental state was disturbed. He is lodged in the cell next to Asaram Bapu. Once inside, he couldn't control himself and broke down.

The source adds, "He wasn't expecting anything like this at all, and it has been a huge shock. Salman has been kept away from the other prisoners, as the authorities don't want any untoward incident to happen. In Jodhpur, hironon (deers) ko devta maana jata hai."

"Dinner, which consists of daal and roti, had been served to him but he did not touch it. He seems to be depressed and lost in thought. One assumes that he will be shattered if he doesn't get bail tomorrow," he added.

He is quidi no 106 and was locked in a cell next to Asaram Bapu.