Demonetisation effect: Anil Kapoor stands in an ATM queue

Veteran actor Anil Kapoor clicked selfie with fans as he stands in a queue with other people outside an ATM. The admirers of Anil Kapoor had a fan moment and they thanked PM Modi’s demonetisation effect. They got the chance to interact and click selfie with Anil Kapoor due to demonetisation.

A fan who clicked selfie with the 59-year-old actor captioned the selfie #Queuing up at an ATM with AnilKapoor. Only in Bombay.#DeMonetisation

#The celeb photo opp aside, that picture was in no way representative of the pain that #DeMonetisation is. We were in a goddamn 5 star hotel.

Expressing happiness, the actor retweeted#"Taking selfies in an ATM line: check.Thanks to #DeMonetisation, I get to meet you lovely people @apoorva_m1!'

After PM Modi announced ban on big currency notes on November 8, long queue outside banks and ATM could be seen.