'Deewaar' in Pakistan?

Amitabh BachchanAlmost a month ago, we'd informed you that Gaurang Doshi's keenly anticipated multi-starrer DEEWAAR might be premiered at the forthcoming I.I.F.A. Awards in Singapore. Well, that might not happen, but yes, there are rumours that DEEWAAR might be premiered in Mumbai and Karachi [Pakistan] simultaneously...
Now that the relations between India and Pakistan are on an upswing and both Bollywood and Lollywood are keen to work with each other, there are rumours that Lollywood has expressed a desire to premiere DEEWAAR in Pakistan, thereby setting the ball rolling.

“I've heard that one,” the enterprising Gaurang Doshi smiles, “But it's not true. DEEWAAR is not being premiered in Karachi.”

Speculation is also rife that Gaurang was keen to release the film in Pakistan, since that would mean an additional territory for him as a producer. But, the rumour mills add, the supposedly anti-Pak theme of the film might prove to be a stumbling block.

“Now that we're discussing the issue, let me clarify once and for all that DEEWAAR is not anti-Pakistan. There's no Kargil in the film, as is being made out. On the contrary, Sanju plays a Pakistani in the film and it's an out-and-out positive role. There's another Pakistani character in the film and even he enacts a positive part,” clarifies Gaurang.

Meanwhile, Gaurang is all geared up to start his new project, which will roll in the first week of May - before DEEWAAR hits the screens on May 28, 2004. “It'll be a biggie, that's for sure,” he divulges, “I am in the final stages of negotiations with the director and the cast.”