Deepshikha Nagpal files physical abuse case against ex-hubby

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Deepshikha Nagpal has filed domestic violence case against her ex-husband Keshav Arora at Bangur Nagar police station, Mumbai. As per the report, despite separated legally Keshav often visits Deepika’s place for money.

On the day of the incident, Deepsikha was alone with her son and Keshav Arora hit her badly when she refused to lend him money.

As per Dainak Bhaskar reports, Deepshikha said, “Two days back, Kaishav had come to my place asking for money. When I refused to give the money, he started hitting me. He hit me so badly that I could not even speak now. All he wants from me is money, which I cannot give him. I filed a complaint against him and police have given me a NC (Non-Cognisable Offense) copy but now I want them to file an FIR."

Last year, the duo reconciled after the actress filed a police complained against Keshav when he threatened to kill her. But things turned worse today.

The actress has filed an FIR against Keshav for trespassing her house, robbery and physically assaulting her at Bangur Nagar police station in Mumbai.

"Keshav had come to my place two days back asking for money. When I refused to give him money, he started hitting me. I was bleeding from the nose. I have too many injuries on my body. I am shocked after this incident. He thinks he's a man and can get away with anything. I am not going to cry and will teach him a lesson," the Madhubala actress told the daily.