‘Deepika using toilet’, assistant leaks the secret

Deepika Padukone turned red hot when one of her assistants leaked the secret of her using the loo. During the shooting of ‘Break Ke Baad’, Deepika almost turned furious when she came to know that one of her assistants made the secret public that she is using the toilet.

According to reports, filmmaker Danish Aslam had assigned few young assistants to keep track on Deepika’s every movement. But they went beyond their job. They monitored every action of the actress and even conveyed the news of her using the toilet to each other over walkie-talkie. One day during the shooting of the film, she stepped out of the vanity van and excused herself for using the bathroom.

The actress went mad when she came to know that the entire unit came to know about her visit to the loo. Later, she conveyed the same to the filmmaker and the assistants were warned to be careful from the next time.

Dignified lass Deepika was left embarrassed.