Deepika to sell chewing gum

She has ben a topper from Day 1. Be it films or endorsements, Deepika Padukone is way ahead and pushes behind those who are already a brand name. Though Deepika is a new gal in the industry, she is giving a tough fight to the established stars of Bollywood. After endorsing some popular products like Pepsi, Fiama Di Wills and Parachute oil, she is all set to associate with another brand. Deepika is going to endorse Wrigley's sugar-free chewing gum Orbit.

The product has huge youth appeal and since Deepika is charming and possesses a bountiful of youthfulness, the company feels she is the right choice for the gum. "Deepika's association with Orbit will synchronize well with the brand and its objectives. We believe that this association would help us achieve widespread awareness about the importance of oral care and the benefits of chewing Orbit sugar-free chewing gum," a company spokesperson said.

Deepika said: "I am proud to be associated with Orbit sugar-free chewing gum, which is a convenient and portable way to help maintain and improve oral health anytime, anywhere - at home, in the car and during shoots."