Deepika still loves Ranbir, wants him back

When love was at the peak, Deepika Padukone inked Ranbir Kapoor’s name on her nape but now when they are separated, she has not got the tattoo off her nape and thereby throwing an indication that she still loves Ranbir very much and wants to reconcile. But it was Ranbir Kapoor who is not willing to give their relationship another chance. He is not ready for any commitment at this stage of his career. He loves his single status and wants to continue with it. But Dips is sending feelers that she wants to go back to Ranbir’s life.

To start life in a new way, the couple even went to watch Housefull together in a Juhu multiplex. But before they could renew their love, they had a tiff. A source says, “Ranbir and Deepika even had a tiff on the issue of commitment. A few days ago Deepika left for Londonto attend the Grand Prix. Deepika is looking for a full long-term commitment from Ranbir but he wants to remain single for reasons best known to him. This led to an argument between them.”

Ranbir is said to have dumped Deepika. They separated because Deepika is not in the good books of Ranbir’s mom and sister.