Deepika shares steamy lip-lock with Imran

In a love story, kissing scene is said to be quite natural. Following the trend, Deepika Padukone also lip-locked her co-star Imran Khan in Danish Aslam’s debut film, ‘Break Ke Baad’. They share a steamy kiss in the movie.

For Deepika Padukone, kissing on-screen is not a big deal and she is comfortable with the idea but for Imran Khan kissing his co-star is as difficult as a fight scene.

In the movie, Deepika plays Aaliya and Imran plays Abhay. Both are childhood friend and gradually they develop love for each other. Before they commit to each other, Aaliya and Abhay parts away as she wants to establish herself as an actress. They both take a break from their relationship.

Shot in Delhi, Mumbai and Mauritius, the movie is slated for Friday, November 26 release.