Deepika, Ranbir’s Valentine's Day reunion video goes viral

A recent report proves how a merely 41 second video can go viral within minutes. What makes this video the hot topic is the famous ex-couple it features. Ranbir Kapoor was seen gifting a beautiful bouquet to his previous girlfriend Deepila Padukone on Valentine’s Day. But Ranbir-Deepika jodi fans need not let their hopes reach the skies as they will only come crashing down when they learn the truth! The incident was not a real affair- it was just a part of the filming of upcoming ‘Tamasha’.

A video went viral on Youtube as it showed Rabir gifting flowers to Deepika. Through the clip is not clear, it shows a dark room with some light at the other end. A staircase is visible, with a girl stood on it. On the front, a man’s head can be seen and he gets up as the director says “action”. The two then walk toward each other and it is when they come to light that one can recognize them as Ranbir and Deepika. He walks up to her and hands over the bouquet. The two indulge in chitchat for a second or two, following which Ranbir takes the flowers back and returns to where he was seated earlier.

The video might be a cause of complain for Ranbir. Last year, it was reported that the actor was disappointed at the leaked pictures and videos from the sets of ‘Tamasha’ as the team filmed in France. Ranbir was angry and requested director Imtiaz Ali to increase the security on the sets to avoid any such incidents. But Alas! Even this little talk made its way out and created headlines. The reason of Ranbir’s discomfort is apparently his previous lady love Deepika- the other lead of this film. People are creating ‘Tamasha’ and hype over these photos that show the ex-couple together.

While Ranbir gifted flowers to Deepika, though not really, he spent Valentine’s Day with Katrina in Delhi. Katrina is currently shooting for ‘Fitoor’, but spared some time and flew to Delhi for the lovely occasion. Though he had a romantic weekend with Kat, the actor wasn’t exactly honest when he was previously asked about his plans for 14th February,” I don’t think I have ever celebrated Valentine’s Day. I think it was created by Archies gallery, Hallmark and all… not really something to take that seriously at all.” Katrina would be in Delhi for quite some time and is likely to meet Ranbir’s sister Ridhima over there.