Deepika Padukone’s Met Gala gown is the most googled outfit

Though Priyanka Chopra’s long trench coat dress at Met Gala is most talked about outfit, it is Deepik Padukone’s white satin gown which is most searched outfit on Google. Priyanka’s outfit was very much talked about but it was Deepika’s outfit which featured in the top 5 Google attires from the 2017 event.

The 31-year-old Bollywood star received a cold response for her Met Gala appearance, but she took the negative comments in a positive way and says it is a collective work of a team.

"I think its all collective effort, its a teamwork. Like, how we work in films as a team, its the same.

"Sometimes you might like what I wear and sometimes you might not like what I wear. And thats totally OK. I am not dressing for you my (reporter) love, I am dressing for myself. So, as long as I am having fun nothing else matters," says Deepika.

The actress believes that attending the Met Gala event holds more importance than the clothes.

"I have always looked at things as opportunities and what you make of those opportunities. I am sure for Priyanka and me, the opportunity is not about what we are wearing but the privilege of being there at such a big event," she says.

Deepika says the intention is to always have fun irrespective of what you are wearing and what not.

"The only time I would truly be concerned would be when my mother or my girlfriends give me flak for something I wore thats the time I will allow any comment to enter my life," she adds.

Deepika Padukone is attending Cannes film festival this year and she is proud to represent her country.

"Its the same feeling when you are an athlete, you are in the national team and are representing the country. Its a similar feeling.

"As far as Cannes specifically is concerned, there is a beauty aspect to being a woman and with being an actor there is a film aspect to it. Its the best of both worlds," she adds.

Deepika says she would love to take tips from festival regular Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

"I have always liked the way she conducts herself. She has represented not just the brand but India beautifully. If I end up seeing her there, of course I will," she says.
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