Deepika Padukone to don a bikini

Now the latest sensation to join the bikini babes is gorgeous Deepika Padukone. News is doing the rounds that three sizzling Bollywood actresses will don bikini in Sajid Khan’s ‘Houseful’. Deepika Padukone will be joined by sensational Lara Dutta and sexy Jiah Khan. Lara has already skipped into two piece in ‘Blue’ while Jiah was also seen in swim-suit.

Lara spoke in length about her bikini move in ‘Houseful’, “Let’s just say that there is an ocean dive in ‘Housefull’. I didn’t have a choice about the bikini in ‘Blue’. I couldn’t possibly go underwater in a burqa, could I? I worked hard on my physique, and it did generate interest. For ‘Housefull’, there’s a water sequence. So the swimwear is back. It’s not like I’m getting into a bikini for the heck of it,” she said.

Audience had already tasted the flavor of Lara and Jiah and now the wait is for Deepika who for the first time in the short tenure of her filmy career is all set to reveal her hot and slim body.