Deepika Padukone sheds her weight post break-up

Break-up with beau Ranbir Kapoor has taken a toll on Deepika Padukone’s health. She was not only away from the media glare for a month but also shed lots of weight. She has reduced enormous weight and looking slim and trim while promoting the fairness cream at a suburban hotel.

It was rumored that Deepika Padukone was heartbroken after Ranbir Kapoor cut ties with her. It became very difficult for her to accept that she and Ranbir are no longer couple. To rejuvenate herself, she was off to a long vacation with family. She spent quality time with her family at her cousin’s wedding in the US. She also took part in the Formula One Prix in Abu Dhabi.

Deepika has started to live life in a new way and took on yoga to reduce fats. According to a source, "Deepika has been doing yoga regularly. She has been careful about her weight but now she has gone a step further and has shed inches due to her personal turmoil."

Adds the source, "Deepika went into a shell after her relationship with Ranbir went kaput. She was under the media scanner and that has taken a toll even though she is putting on a strong front that all is well. She wants to immerse herself in work."