Deepika Padukone reveals about celebrating first Diwali with Ranveer

In November last year, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh entered in matrimony at Lake Como, Italy according to Konkani and Sindhi traditions. And ever since the married couple has been setting couple goals and looks very much in love and enjoying married life to the fullest. Ranveer and Deepika are going to celebrate their first Diwali as a married couple and the happily married actress revealed her Diwali plans.

During her recent appearance on The Print's Off The Cuff, Shekhar Gupta, who hosts the show asked her some fan questions.

When Deepika was asked how she is going to celebrate her first Diwali with husband, she stated, "Family time, we extremely value the time we have with our parents and sisters. We will not be working that's the rule and we won't be socialising much. Just family time!"

Earlier while talking to Harper's Bazaar India, Deepika spoke about Ranveer saying, "A lot of what I’m able to achieve is because of him [Ranveer Singh]— in terms of how comfortable he’s been with my success, or how supportive he is. We’re a good team. We’re still so excited by each other, so inspired by each other. He’s my best friend."

Deepika was asked if she noticed any changes after tying the knot with Ranveer. She said, "I don’t know… perhaps that’s a question you should ask him! I’d like to believe that I’m either the same or I’ve gotten better. But if you ask me what those changes are, I’m not sure. But I do feel a sense of responsibility. It’s nice to have a partner to share your day and life with—someone you can talk to about anything. This companionship is what keeps me grounded."

Upon questioned about planning a baby, the actress said, “It’s sad that society puts people in this rut that if you’re dating for so long toh shaadi kab hogi and then bacche. We’re not surprised by the rumours. Of course we want children, we both love kids. But we’re too selfishly focused on our careers at this point. It wouldn’t be fair to have kids at this point. We’re not even thinking about kids," she told the publication.