Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh to have a child soon

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are on family way. The couple will welcome a new member to their family. They are planning a child soon. Once, the actress wraps up the shoot of ‘Chaapak’ and ‘83’, she will take a long break from work.

A source quoted by Deccan Cronicle reveals, "In fact, she (Deepika Padukone) wanted to take a break for motherhood after Chhapaak. But Ranveer was very keen that Deepika plays his wife in '83."

Lately, Deepika’s cryptic message on husband Ranveer Singh’s post keeps internet guessing whether the actress is pregnant with her first child. Deepika’s post on Ranveer’s picture drew the attention of the internet users and they started speculating whether she is pregnant.

Deepika said hello to Ranveer like never before, she wrote: "Hi, daddie." She also added a baby emoji with a heart. Arjun Kapoor, who loves trolling his friends commented, "Baba, Bhabhi is gonna give you one."

Deepika's comment on Ranveer's window went viral on social media, and fans started posting following comments, "Deepika is pregnant", said a user while another added: "Arjun confirmed." Comments such as "OMG" and "That will be awesome" and "Plus that baby emoji" also flooded Instagram. However, there were also some netizens who tried to pacify excited fans with an explanation of sorts: "He said baby to her, that's why she called him 'daddie'. Baby-daddy, understand?"

Earlier this year, the actress expressed her views on motherhood, "It will happen when it has to happen. Motherhood trumps being married. That's what I hear from people who have had children. Of course, it will happen at some point," she had said.

In 2017 when Deepika attended Rajeev Masand’s show and was asked about her last desire before she dies.

The Padmavati actress responded:"The one thing I've got to do before I die is definitely have lots of babies. That's what I want to do," she was quoted as saying.