Deepika, Ranveer charm in their first ad as a married couple

Post marriage, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh bagged their first ad as a married couple and it is really impressive.

The ad is of an air conditioner and it shows Deepika and Ranveer sitting on a couch and the ‘Padmaavat’ actress filing her nails as Ranveer sitting beside her on a couch tells her how relieved he is now for not being her boyfriend anymore. he said that now he need have to dress up decently, did not have to spend money on his girlfriend and need not have to greet every time. 

Hearing this an angry Deepika walked away and when she enters into her room she is carried away. She finds the ac temperature of her room perfectly adjust according to her liking.

Ranveer from his sitting room fixed the AC temperature according to her wife's choice. She turns around to say something but finds Ranveer standing next to her. He tells her he knows his responsibilities as a husband. To which, Deepika smilingly says, ‘Thank God we got married’.  The actor then gets a big hug from his wife.