Deepika Padukone is the new face of Kellogg's Special K

With four back to back hit last year, Deepika Padukone is all over the place in 2014. After endorsing the cola brand recently, the long legged beauty has been associated with health diet, Kellogg's Special K. Kellogg has roped in Deepika Padukone as their new brand ambassador. This special new brand of Kellogg will prepare women to take up challenge to get a well shaped figure ahead of the upcoming wedding season.

Talking about the association with Special K, Deepika Padukone says, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be associated with Kellogg’s Special K. I personally have always been a firm believer of the importance of a combination of balanced eating with regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Special K stands for just that and has for a long time partnered women to kick-start their weight management journey. Through this Special K 2 week challenge, I look forward to partnering with similar women and share our experiences along the journey.”
Deepika Padukone has got a killer figure and she ensures that she follows a regular balanced diet along with exercise routine every day.

The timing of the launch of the special K is matched up with the wedding season.

Commenting on this announcement, Harpreet Singh Tibb, Marketing Director, Kellogg India, says, “There was no doubt in our mind about bringing Deepika Padukone on board to represent Special K. Deepika is a sought after celebrity, who not only stands for high fashion but is looked up to for her healthy lifestyle. We are extremely proud to associate with such a talented actor who represents the brand’s values impeccably. We are very confident that our audience will effectively connect with Deepika, as she has always taken it upon herself to maintain healthy habits.”

In the past, Bollywood actress Lara Dutta had endorsed Kellogg's breakfast cereal brand Special K.