Deepika Padukone gets injured

The year has been hectic as well as fruitful for the long legged dusky beauty Deepika Padukone. She has three back to back hit which include, ‘Race 2’, ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and ‘Chennai Express’. Deepika has been working round the clock for her next big release this year and eventually she ended up hurting herself. She reportedly burnt her hand while holding a dhoop-dhan (metal bowl used to carry incense sticks) on the set of ‘Ram Leela’.

It all happened during the special garba song. She had to hold the dhoop-dhan for a long time which ended up scorching her hands. However, the actress did not complain and continued her shoot.

This is not the only story about her injury. During a dance sequence in ‘Ram Leela’,  Deepika Padukone injured her back and she developed massive pain on her shoulder but she continued shoot.

On doctor’s advise, Dippy had to wear a brace around her back and shoulders to get relief from pain.

Says a source from the sets, “We were working on a tight schedule for shooting the track titled Nagada. Deepika was required to perform some complicated garba steps. When she complained about her backache, unit members became anxious about her well-being. Finally, she opted for a medical brace to soothe the tensed muscles in her back”.

The costume designer on the set had a tough time managing her costume in order to hide her braces.

The actress says, “It is a fun song where we had to put in our full energy. We had to feel the song and dance spontaneously to it. It had to come from within the heart.”  

Well, going by the popular saying, ‘No pain, no gain’. We really hope Deepika’ dedication will be paid at the end of the day.