Deepika not promoting 'Ram Leela' with Ranveer Singh

Raveer Singh whose upcoming movie ‘Ram-Leela’ will be released on 15th November, is busy with the promotions of the film. He arrived on the sets of ‘Dance India Dance’ to promote his movie.

Ranveer arrived on the sets of ‘Dance India Dance 4’ which is a ZEE TV reality dance show. Ranveer was accompanied by choreographer Ganesh Acharya who choreographed the song ‘Ram Ji Ki Chaal’ for ‘Ram-Leela’. Ranveer was interestingly not accompanied by Deepika Padukone, who is the co-star of ‘Ram-Leela’. It seems she is too busy to even join her co-star for the promotions. Anyway, we heard that they have shared the burden and are promoting at different places. But wouldn’t it have been more impactful, had they done the promotions together? Whatever, Ranveer was looking dashing in faded jeans and royal blue blazer. His chiseled face complimented the royal mustache and beard grown by him.

The official Twitter page of ‘Ram-Leela’ posted “And now the dashing Ranveer Singh is shooting for Dance India Dance.” 

Ranveer was on the show. He talked about his character. He told that he was playing the role of a young Gujarati lad and the driving force of the movie is the intense chemistry between him and Deepika. Ranveer said, “We were destined to be cast opposite each other... I hope it works as our chemistry is the driving force of the story.” But since Deepika was not present there, he couldn’t show some sizzling chemistry to the viewers.

Both Ganesh Acharya and Ranveer danced with the contestants. Ranveer hugged Ganesh and even kissed him. They showed amazing chemistry.

This season of ‘Dance India Dance’ has three new judges - Mudassar Khan, who is an international level hip-hop dancer, Shruti Merchant, a renowned choreographer and the younger sister of Vaibhavi Merchant and Feroz Khan, who has choreographed numerous Bollywood songs. The judges welcome Ranveer and Ganesh Acharya on the show. Grandmaster Mithun Chakraborty was seen in a festive mood. He was wearing a blue suit.

For Ranveer the bash of Diwali includes celebration with family. He said, “We used to have our annual family dinner at my nani's house where the entire family would get together and celebrate. There always was the cheer of festivities and the warmth of kinship in the air.”

Ranveer is quite excited about his film. The movie is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.