Deepika not distracted by Ranbir

Few days back Deepika Padukone made an open declaration that she regretted for making her relationship public and today her claim stood true. She is again in news for all wrong reason and that too because of Ranbir Kapoor. The new allegation against Deepika is that on the set she spends a lot of time speaking to Ranbir on phone and therefore fails to give her cent percent.

Strongly reacting to the accusation, Deepika said that she is not the kind of person who anytime talks to her boyfriend at the loss of her work. She is truly dedicated to her work and purely professional and the allegation against her is totally baseless. She claimed that even Ranbir’s presence on the set does not distract her.

Deepika added that she is always committed to her work and nothing can come between her and her work.