Deepika happy with her break-up with Ranbir

Media might have spread the news that post break-up Deepika Padukone has lost her weight and she is totally heartbroken but the ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress have something else to say. When media popped the question to Deepika, "Are you happy after your break-up with Ranbir?" angry Deepika Padukone said, "Of course, I am happy. Don't I look happy?"

Deepika publicly spoke about her relationship during the launch of Neutrogena Fine Fairness' at Grand Hyatt Mumbai. When reporters asked her about her split-up with Ranbir, she was angry but did not lost her cool and very reluctantly answered their question.

But when media became too personal and questioned her about the RK tattoo that she has inked on her back, she chose to remain mum. Another question that fumed Deepika was, "Is the brand coming out with a cream that will erase your tattoo?" At this stage Deepika preferred to maintain silence.