Deepika gets unusual gifts from fans

Deepika Padukone was shocked to see the reaction of her fans to her raunchy item number, ‘Dum Maro Dum’. She was stuck to see the mail delivered to her house. She received not one or two but nine skirts of various sizes from her admirers. Usually, she receives mail containing soft toys, chocolates and greeting cards but this time they expressed their love by gifting skirts to Deepika.

A source reveals, "Usually her fan mail is kept in a separate room. So whenever she comes back from outdoor shoots, she personally sits and reads through each one.

There are times when she's replied to her fan's letters as well. But nothing prepared her for nine skirts!"

The length of the skirts vary. "Some are extremely long, while others are short.  She feels these are reactions to her Dum Maro Dum item number.

After returning from ‘Aakarshan’ shoot in Bhopal, Deepika opened up the gifts and she was surprised.  

She reacts, "I've just come home. It has just hit me ¦ it's all because of Dum Maaro Dum."