Deepika again fall in love with ex-flame Nihar

Deepika Padukone might not be making news for her movies but the lady is constantly in news for her alleged love affairs. Life comes a full circle for the leggy actress and she is bonding over great time with her ex-flame Nihar Pandya. Deepika was dating Nihar during her modeling days and it is said that Nihar was the first love of the ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress.

It is rumored that Deepika gets back to Nihar after she cut ties with Siddharth Mallya, son of the liquor baron, Vijay Mallya. Deepika and Siddhath’s love affairs were very much talked about and both spotted together in various occasions. Deepika’s Blackberry status message that read ‘Game over’ clearly indicates that she has drifted apart from the Kingfisher head honcho.

Deepika Padukone’s list of boyfriend doesn’t end here. No sooner she made Bollywood debut with Farah Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ in 2007, she openly declared her love with heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. But she again proved unlucky in love as Deepika broke up with the Kapoor after dating for almost a year.

Hope, Deepika finds her true love soon and goes steady with a particular man.