Deepika as 'Leela' to set the silver screen on fire

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, throughout his career as a director has always managed to portray his heroines as an epitome of grace and beauty. In almost all his movies starting from ‘Devdas’ to ‘Guzarish’, female lead roles have been grandiosely personified. The same tradition continues with his Magnum Opus “Ramleela”. The recently released song "Nagada say dhol baje”, produces one of the most ravishing images of Deepika Padukone - the leading lady of the movie and has created a rippling buzz amongst fans who are eagerly waiting for this movie which, from the look of things assures to be an extravaganza of love, romance and drama.

In this song sequence Deepika transforms her uber modern, cool image and fits into the avatar of a Gujrati girl, perfectly. The story showcases Deepika in a gaudy red lehanga, with minimal jewellery and hairdo. Deepika's makeup or rather the lack of it makes her portrayal of Leela look all the more convincing and exemplifies the director's keen attention to detail who had ventured out into the furthest interiors of Gujrat to get the perfect outfit for his heroine.

Apart from Deepika’s acting prowess, the director also deserves a pat on the back for the way he has visualized Deepika Padukone as a Gujrati lass- not an easy task considering the actress is more often seen depicting funky, urban English speaking roles. Deepika herself confessed that it is Sanjay’s directing expertise that has helped her to don the role of Leela convincingly. She says “Apart from the fact that he is one of the most celebrated directors, Sanjay sir has always been known for the way he presents his heroines. So, other than getting to work with him, I was excited about my look in the film. His attention to detail, combined with Anju's (designer) creative brilliance, helped Leela come alive.”

Another treatment of Sanjay's portrayal of his heroin lie in his experiment with colours. Almost all his heroines have come across with a brilliant colourful aura around them. Madhuri Dixit in “Devdas” in a majestic green 30 kg outfit was an epitome of heavenly beauty.  Aishwarya in her intriguing black western wear in “Guzarish” added to the foreboding and grim environment of the movie. In Ram Leela, Deepika sprays the colour red over her fans. The colour successfully associates with “love” and “gore” – the two underlying and essentially intertwined themes of the movie which is loosely based on the Shakespearean classic romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”