Deepak Tijori's marriage hit the rock, wife throws him out of home

Former Bollywood actor Deepak Tijori’s professional life ended much early and now his personal life is also going through rough patch. His marriage with Shivani meet its end. According to spotboye report, his second wife Shivani has thrown him out of their home. Deepika used to live with Shivani happily at their 4-BHK in Goregaon. But now things are not well between them.

Shivani has filed for divorce and demanded maintenance from Deepak which he can’t afford. However, Deepak later found out that Shivani is not his legal wife. She has not yet divorced her first husband. Since she is still having a legal relationship with her first husband, the question of maintenance doesn't arise. Moreover, the couple has a 20-year-old daughter and according to law she is also not illegible for maintenance.

When he consulted a counselor, Deepak shocked to learn that Shivani had not divorced her first husband. Shivani is ill-treating Deepak. She wants to separate from him legally as she thinks she has a relationship with his yoga instructor who is much younger than him.

A source tells us, "Deepak barely manages to enter his house. Shivani allows him to use only one room."

Adds the friend, "Worse still, Shivani has strictly told the servants that they should neither give him food nor clean his room." 

Currently, Deepak Tijori’s condition is very pathetic. These days, Deepak often stays on PG basis or at a friend's place.

Shivani has filed for divorce and maintenance at the family court under 125 CRPC (Criminal Proceedure Code) saying, "I am a deserted wife. I cannot maintain my expenses. My husband is liable to do the needful for me and my daughter."

Deepak has shot back at his wife by filing a case of 'nullity' against her. The battle is being fought in Family Court, Bandra. Says the friend, "Shivani's marriage to Deepak  is null and void if she hadn't divorced her first husband. So why should Deepak maintain her cost of living?"

Talking about Deepak Tijori and Shivani’s daughter Samara, the friend reveals, "Good question. Samara is not a minor, she is 20 years old. So she doesn't qualify for maintenance. As far as her relationship with her father goes, it's nice but tilted in favour of Shivani; Samara is closer to Shivani than to Deepak."

Deepak Tijori worked in many hits like Khiladi, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Anjaam and Ghulam.