Saif Ali Khan meets daughter Sara's boyfriend

Saif Ali Khan shares a very friendly relationship with his daughter Sara Ali Khan. Sara who is pursuing higher studies abroad introduced one of her boyfriends to her father Saif Ali Khan.  Talking about his darling daughter Sara, Saif recently said that he met one of her boyfriends. "I recently met one of Sara's boyfriends and that's when I felt strangely protective but not overtly so. Having been in a boarding school you realise that everyone has their own life and you learn to let go," Saif told a leading daily.

16-year-old Sara is living far away from her parents in a hostel abroad. Sara and Ibrahim are Saif’s two children with wife Amrita Singh. Saif is very broad minded and share a very friendly relationship with his children but he repents for not being able to spend much time with his son Ibrahim. "I haven't been spending enough time with Ibrahim and I feel bad about that," Saif added.

It was reported that Sara is flooded with film offers but at present she is studying and Saif too wants Sara to complete her studies before she starts her career. He has no objection if Sara chooses acting as her career.

"She is in America in college in Colombia University. She will have a degree and then she is free to choose whatever she wants to do. She can live and work anywhere in the world, she can come back here and join films, or become lawyer... It is upto her," Saif told PTI.

The father feels if his daughter wants to become an actress then she might need to lose some weight.

"If she chooses to be here (in film industry) then she will have to lose weight."

"I think it is better to concentrate on education and have some backing. What if you are not successful as an actor? Then you will be stuck with no job also. Though you get lot of things, there is a lot of pressure.... It is not a normal life as an actor as you don't have time for little things in life. I am ok with it (becoming an actress) but I think college degree is important," he added.

Sara is Saif’s weakness, the father said. "She is my friend and my weakness too," he says.

He also keeps giving his children fatherly advice.

"One should put priorities in right place. My main thing is to go to college and then figure out what you want next. Other thing is to marry the right person or don't get married. These are things that can affect your life, if you get these things right then rest is fine," he added.