Danny Denzongpa slapped with Rs 29 lakhs fine

RTO has slapped a hefty amount of fine to veteran actor Danny Denzongpa. Danny is booked for driving his Range Rover in Mumbai road carrying Sikkim number plate. He was forced to shell road tax and fine of Rs 29 lakh.

RTO officers spotted the actor driving his SUV in Mumbai with a Sikkim registration and the actor was slapped with a Rs 29 lakh fine for not paying the Maharashtra road tax. His expensive car was released by Andheri RTO office only after he coughed up the amount.

Vishwambhar Shinde, assistant regional transport officer, Andheri, told mid-day, “We have a flying squad that keeps an eye out for vehicles carrying registration from other states. On February 13, we found Danny’s car with a Sikkim number plate. When he was unable to produce a receipt of the Maharashtra road tax payment, we took over his Range Rover and kept it at the Andheri office. His driver arrived yesterday and paid the quoted amount, following which the car was released.”

According to the rule, the Maharahstra government charges 20 per cent of the actual value of an imported car as road tax.

“In this case, it amounted to Rs 24.23 lakh, along with a yearly interest of Rs 5.33 lakh, totaling Rs 29.56 lakh,” he said.

Shinde added, “Some dealers misguide customers, telling them they will work around the rule and have the vehicle registered in another state. But this is illegal.”

In India, Mumbai charges more road tax on imported car and so the owners of the classy car opted for cars having registered in states like Sikkim, Haryana, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, and drive them into Maharashtra.
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