Daniel Craig admires Shilpa's body

Really, sexy siren Shilpa Shetty has received lots of international acclamation, first it was Hollywood actor Richard Gere who stamped number of pecks on Shilpa's cheeks followed by her Bigg Brother hullabaloo where Jade Goody threw racist comments on her and the British government stood in Shilpa’s favor. All those incidents have proved wonder for her. She became internationally famous. Now another favorable comment came from an well-known international figure, Daniel Craig. He complimented Shilpa's figure, smile and personality.

Speaking to a news daily, Daniel said, "I haven't met any of the Indian film actors in person except Shilpa Shetty. She is beautiful and very talented too. I think she looks great and has a killing figure, just right for a Bond girl." Daniel is interested for Bollywood debut and preferred Shilpa for the role of bond girl as her figure and attitude perfectly carries the image of an Indian bond girl.

Daniel is not only impressed over her figure but also dies over her beauty and smile. He feels Shilpa's mile-wide smile made her look innocent and sensual at the same time.