'Dangal' girl Zaira Wasim trolled again for her mom's old FB post

Dangal’ actress Zaira Wasim, who got into a controversy last month for apparently meeting Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Maehbooba Mufti, faced the wrath of social media users once again. This time, the reason was her mother’s three-year-old Facebook post.

A Facebook post by Zaira’s mother Zarqa Wasim in March, 2014 caught the attention of twitteratis. The post was a meme with pro-Pakistan sentiment and read, ‘Keep Calm and Defeat India’ and also had a Pakistani flag on top of it. Zarqa had captioned it, “Dil Dil Pakistan.” The meme was posted for an India-Pakistan cricket match played in Bangladesh during the World T20 tournament.

Screenshots of the FB post went viral on social media platforms and the users went seething with anger and started lashing out at the 16-year-old actress, who essayed the role of young Geeta Phogat in Aamir Khan’s much appreciated All Time Blockbuster ‘Dangal’. The hashtag #ZarqaWasim trended with the scathing comments against Zaira.

Zaira was termed a traitor and was asked to leave the country. The youngster has deleted her social media accounts for all the criticisms lately, and her mother’s account has also been erased.

Following are some reactions by tweeples:

If you feel so much for Pakistan then why don't you go there.Keep calm and get lost from our nation #Traitor #ZarqaWasim #Shame

shame @zairawasim_ if u love #Pakistan so much then what r u doing in #India -making money? #ZairaWasim #zarqaWasim

#WTF! Now that everyone has seen Zaira's mom's real face.She deletes her account on FB.#ZarqaWasim #porkistani #shame #shameonbollywood

People like #ZarqaWasim should be kicked out of this country. Country comes first, not freedom of expression. Disgusting & shameful act !!

If ur heart bleeds Pak, don't shit on Ind. Leave bfore u r kicked out. Of course no apologies fr this, eh Zaira? #Traitor #ZarqaWasim #Shame