Dabboo Ratnani gets Salman Khan to pose for his calendar

Salman Khan has been known to do anything for his friends. Dabboo Ratnani is such a close friend for him, for whom Salman can go out of his way to help. The association of the two professionals go a long way back. The actor had been modeling in those days and Dabboo had been a school student when he ventured into photography. Their friendship has been going strong since then.

He started his work under Sumeet Chopra and then 1994 onwards he started working independently. Today, Dabboo Ratnani is known as an ace fashion photographer of Bollywood. He prepares a calendar every year and includes the stars of Bollywood in the pages of his much praised calendar. He started the shoot of his calendar for 2013 in the month of December and he wanted Salman Khan to appear in it.

December was also the month when “Dabangg 2” was supposed to release and thus the actor had been extremely busy promoting the film at various television shows and events.

Dabboo Ratnani shed some light on the matter saying, “Salman’s Dabangg 2 was up for release. He was busy promoting his film apart from hosting his telly show. Taking time out could have been a problem.”

However, the photographer still gave it a shot by approaching the actor at his Panvel farmhouse. He went there to talk over the concept of his shoot without having the slightest hint that the actor would say a yes. Dabboo Ratnani said, “He asked me if I wanted to shoot the very next day.”

Salman has always been there for his friends and this incident gives just another glimpse of his kind-heartedness. Salman has also grown into a thorough professional. His tantrums and bad temper have all been shed with his ever increasing stardom. Dabboo Ratnani got a taste of the actor’s proficiency at his work as he finished the shoot within 30 minutes. The photographer said, “We wrapped up the shoot in less than 30 minutes.”

Other than capturing this actor in his lens the talented photographer will also have Aishwarya Rai, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal, and Kareena Kapoor, to name a few, in the calendar. In total there are always 24 successful A-listers who make it to the list of celebrities for the calendar and this year has been no different.