Dabangg star, Salman Khan seeks immunity from Court

Inside sources say that the famous Dabangg star, Salman Khan might be asking the court to excuse him from attending the court session on occasion of his birthday. He might not be able to present himself to the court on this day. This famous super star is going to turn 47 on the 27th of December, this year. Dipesh Mehta, who is Salman’s lawyer for this case might ask the court to reject the application that was filed by Santosh Daundkar, the activist. The case that is being referred to here is the incident that happened in 2002. Actor, Salman Khan’s car rammed into four people, who were on the street, injuring three, and finally killing one. This case was postponed from 2002 due to the hectic schedule of the actor.

 In the reply to the case that is going to be filed to the court by Santosh, Salman Khan has proved all the allegations against him as false charges. The allegation says that Khan has delayed his trials purposely, which has been pointed out as baseless by the actor. He has also replied to the notice saying that under the Section 195 of the Indian Constitution the application filed against him is not tenable. He has also pointed out that the activist has failed to mention the reasons for Khan’s prosecution.

 Abha Singh, a leading advocate regarding this case has reported that there were summons issued to the actor by the magistrate. The Mumbai police was also asked to issue the evidences that would prove all the allegations as false. Now, Santosh is alleging that the actor has purposely taken immunity from the court on the grounds of busy schedule and hectic shooting days. Santosh is outraged when the trial has been delayed by the authorities of the courts on these grounds.

 However, the actor has said that all the accusations are misleading and not true. He has reported that order was issued by the Court of Bombay, which said that he had obtained exemption from making an appearance in the court personally. This order was issued in 2005, in June. He has also reported that the accusations that the activist is charging against him are pointless and vague. The delay that occurred in the trial of the case did not pertain to him at all. There was another accusation which said that from 2008 to 2010 there were no witnesses for this case who were tried in the court. Salman has reported these to be false as well.