‘Dabangg 2’, ‘OMG’ actress caught in a prostitution racket

In a raid carried by Panaji police in a hotel in Goa, a small time actress claimed to have worked in movies like ‘Dabangg 2’ and ‘OMG’ has been rescued. She was found in a compromising position at the hotel room with her customer. The high profile racket was busted on Tuesday. The actress said that she involved into flesh trade for money.

"The lady who has been arrested operated from various five-star hotels in the state. The police had sent a decoy customer to trap her and rescue the victim," he said.

Mumbai police traced the mobile number of the agent Ayesha Sayyed, 30, a Mumbai resident from a website. She allegedly ran a prostitution racket, supplies girls to customers. When police got the number, they started negotiation. Police cracked the case very tactfully. Police acted as a customer and called the pimp and the agent demanded over Rs 3 lakh for supplying the actress. The pimp also demanded Rs 1.5 lakh in advance. The deal was sealed and it was finalized that the girl will be taken to a five-star hotel in Goa.

Police said the agent Sayyad, the actress and police informers came to Goa by flight on Tuesday morning from Mumbai and checked into a hotel in Goa. The police along with NGO members conducted the raid at around 3.30pm. The actress was rescued.