Cute photos: Imran-Avantika’s daughter Imara turns one

As Imran Khan and Avantika Malik’s daughter Imara turned one, the proud parents uploaded some cute photos of the cutie pie. In one of the photos, Imara is seen playing with toys and in the second photos, she posed with her parents.

As Imara turns one, Avantika speaks about her plans of upbringing her bundle of joy. Avantika says, “I think am going to take a page out of Reena (Aamir Khan’s first wife) and Aamir’s life. They have done a marvellous job with Junaid and Ira. Kiran and Aamir are also doing a fabulous job with Azad. I don’t want her (Imara) to be a little princess because that would really upset me.”

Revealing her plans to celebrate Imara’ first birthday, Avantika adds, “I hope she observes the way we live our lives and learns.”

Avantika reveals that her daughter likes to run and climb over things and hence, they have planned a birthday party at play gym and they will also be heading to a three-week vacation to Europe so that Imara can play in real parks.

Avantika also tweeted about the cute photos#“Aaaand just like that she is ONE!! thank you sooo much Cyrus @cykadelic for these lovely lovely photos #blessed #imaramalikkhan #babygirl #timeflies #growinguptoofast,” Avantika posted and shared the snaps on her Instagram account.

Imran Khan and Avantika are quite protective about their daughter and hence they have kept her hidden over the months from the prying eyes of the media so far.

Avantika replied about her feeling of completing one year,” I feel like yesterday she was tiny, and now she’s running all over the place.”

Speaking about initial period of parenthood, Imran said, ” The first couple of months were very tough for the three of us, because, there was this constant panic and fear that we had about whether we were doing things right. But you don’t realize when those feelings fade away, and when you start to accept things. I remember when we first brought her home, I went crazy with sterilizing things and using sanitizers”.
imara khan
imara khan