Crowd goes crazy over Genelia’s sexy legs

Crowd went out of control when Genelia D’Souza and Shahid Kapur arrived at Bandstand to shoot for the first look of Ken Ghosh’s ‘Yahoo’. What dragged the crowd to the scene was Genelia’s mini skirt view which she has sport during the photo-shoot. The crowd was so huge that it was beyond the capacity of the unit members to control them and move on with their shooting smoothly. They even made Genelia to wear jeans but of no use. Shahid and Genelia failed to step out of the car.

An insider revealed, “Shahid had canned all his scenes for the film. We just had a day’s shoot left before the film goes into post-production. The photoshoot was supposed to start at 4pm and was to be wrapped up in a couple of hours at the Bandra Bandstand fort. When Genelia emerged, she was wearing a micromini and the crowd started gathering. It was supposed to be an intimate photoshoot with Shahid and Genelia posing extremely close to each other. Within minutes, the crowd started multiplying. Ken Ghosh decided that he couldn’t trust the crowd with Genelia in a mini skirt. As the crowd threatened to grow beyond controllable numbers, it dawned on the unit that they hadn’t even called private security or the cops.”

“It was becoming difficult for both Shahid and Genelia to step out to shoot. Even the cops despaired over the numbers. Some of the persistent blokes in the crowd had even edged over to the fort and on the stones, which was a red alert for potential danger. They even tried covering up Genelia with a pair of jeans, but it was futile. The cops told the unit to cancel the shoot,” the insider said.

Ghosh said, “The crowd was crazy. Shahid and Genelia had to rush back to the van. The sun was setting and we were losing light. We called security and cops, but it was of no use. Genelia was wearing a mini skirt and with such a crowd, it would not have been a pleasant shoot at all.”