Criminal case against Priyanka

Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra's former manager, Prakash Jaju, is breathing fire against the actress.
Jaju, who says Priyanka violated their legal contract when she unceremoniously announced that his services had been terminated, has lodged a criminal suit against her in
an Andheri court in Mumbai.

The former manager says he got wild when he checked Priyanka's mobile bills and "found she was talking incessantly to Harman Baweja," producer Harry Baweja's son.

Asked what was his interest in Priyanka, Jaju said: "To see she managed her career well, nothing else. Since I had decided to look after her work everyone was watching how it was doing. It was a matter of my reputation."

Excerpts from the interview:

What made you take such a drastic step against your former client?

For the last 15-20 years I've been a finance broker. At any given time I finance around 40 films. Her father approached me to look after her career. I used my resources to get her films. I pumped in lots of money into her projects.

"Mujhse Shaadi Karogi" was totally financed by our company. I treated her like my child.

Why should you interfere with her personal life?

There's nothing like personal and professional life in the film industry. If you are engrossed in your personal life, then when will you work?

But surely a 22-year-old is entitled to have a personal life!

Then one should manage one's personal life well. I never stopped her from having an affair. If she kept getting distracted wasn't it my duty to check her? Her parents point it out to her when she's making mistakes. Does she tell them to leave the house?

I feel affairs ruin a budding actress' career. I'll give you her mobile bills. She spent hours talking on it. I'd call her for something important and her phone would be engaged. There'd sometimes be as many as 20-30 calls. She couldn't disconnect her talk with Harman (producer Harry Baweja's son) to ask what I wanted.

So what was your interest in her?

To see she managed her career well, nothing else. Since I had decided to look after her work, everyone was watching how it was doing. It was a matter of my reputation.

If that girl talks whole nights on the phone then what work will she do in the mornings? Everyone complained that she was glued to her cell phone all the time.

But as her manager what gave you the right to correct her all the time?

Who had the time to correct her all the time? I did tell her to stop what I thought was wrong. I wanted her to make something of her career. Instead when I checked her mobile bills I found she was talking incessantly to Harman Baweja.

So what's wrong with that? They're both single!

So why is she hiding it? Let her come out in the open. She has denied it even in your interview.

That's her business.

Let me show you her bills. She's been talking non-stop to Harman. Whenever she neglected my calls I would get very angry. Who do you think got her a film opposite Salman and Akshay Kumar? Don't you think she should've respected me for all I've done?