Crime Patrol: Delhi gangrape incident to go on air today

The horrifying incident of Delhi rape case will be aired today on Sony in the reality based crime show Crime Petrol. The host of the show Anup Soni said that the makers are not trying to sensationalise the issue but they are definitely trying to raise some vital questions relating to such type of terrible incidents occurring every hour in our country. 

"The entire nation is aware about the truth and also the facts about this incident and we don't do any add-on on our show. We are not trying to sensationalise the issue here by enacting it on 'Crime Patrol'," Anup told IANS in a telephonic interview.

On December 16, 2012, a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern was brutally raped by six in a moving bus after she board the bus with one of her friends. Among the six, four of the convicts were sentenced to death, one juvenile was sent to correction home and one convict already committed suicide in jail.

Anup says "we are trying to raise a few questions through the show".

"(We will tell) What all precautions and remedies are taken if anything like this happens in the future. This was a special case and thus was sent to fast-track court. So our question is - 'Will the same thing be done with other similar cases?'".

The episode was supposed to go air much before but shelved due to some unknown reasons.

“I would definitely vouch for my show; ‘Crime Patrol’ has been very sensitive towards its graphic representations. We have shot the story sensitively and there is no drama,” said Soni.

“We got clearance from the ministry after the court verdict on the incident,” he added.

 The episode was shoot with extra conscious as everyone is aware of the incident and it triggered nation wide protest.

"Every episode and every issue - be it rape, kidnap, or a murder, all of it is very sensitive. It is very difficult for us to shoot or enact all of these. But with this particular episode, we had to be very careful because the entire nation is aware about it and people came on the roads to show their anger," Anup said.

The episode will be aired Saturday and Sunday. So, don’t forget to tune in to Sony!