Court to pass order on 3 pleas in Salman’s ‘Hit and run’ case

Three applications have been filed in a sessions court in connection to the 2002 Hit and run case of Salman Khan. The court has designated 24th September as the date for passing order on the three applications.

The first application has been filed by advocate Abha Singh who is representing an NGO. She has pleaded that she should be allowed to intervene in the trials of Salman’s case from the side of public prosecutor.

The second application is also filed by Abha Singh. In this application, she has pleaded that her miscellaneous application filed in the Bandra magistrate court to be brought to the sessions court and to be clubbed with Salman Khan’s hit and run case. In her second application, she has told that the policemen are showing soft corner for Salman Khan and are not getting witnesses to the court. They are handling the case with without much concern. However, Salman’s lawyer feels that since the application is against policemen, it should not be clubbed with Salman’s present trials.

The third application is put by Salman Khan’s lawyer. He wants fair media coverage for Salman’s case.

The court has designated September 24th as the date to pass orders on all the three applications.

Advocate Abha Singh is represented in court by her son, Aditya Pratap. Abha Singh conveyed that as a general public, who is not concerned with any criminal case, she still has right to intervene in the court case against Salman Khan.  She can prepare notes and can submit written notes to the public prosecutor thus helping him indirectly in his case.

While hearing the arguments, Judge SD Deshpande said that in a criminal case, the role of intervener is limited to submissions of written notes and nothing beyond that.

On the other hand, Salman’s lawyer, Shrikant Shivde feels that advocate Abha Singh has no business in Salman’s case. She just wants to defame the actor. She has already made up her mind that Salman is guilty and so she is trying her level best to defame him.

Shivde told the court, “They are not interested in justice. They have been giving number of interviews to media. If this application is allowed, then 100 people will come in. Today we should have been examining witness, but we are wasting time on this application.” Shivde further said about media coverage that, “We do not want an in camera trial but since beginning, an attempt is being made to pollute the mind of the public.”