Court rejects Moushumi Chatterjee's plea for camotose daughter’s custody

Veteran actor Moushumi Chatterjee and her husband Jayanta Mukherjee’s plea to take her camotose daughter custody were rejected by Bombay High Court. In 2010, Moushumi Chatterjee and businessman Jayanta Mukherjee’s daughter Payal married to businessman Dicky Sinha. She is keeping unwell since 2017 and has been in and out of the hospital.

Lately, her health deteriorated and she has been persistently in bed in a comatose condition. According to Moushumi and Jayanta, their son-in-law Dicky Sinha is not taking best care of their daughter and he is neglecting her health.

"The doctors advised physiotherapy and progressive changes in her diet so that the tube through which she was being fed could be removed and she could regain the faculty of speech," says the petition.

Dicky has assigned nurses and physiotherapist for his wife which Moushumi totally denied.

Payal’s husband totally denied their false allegations adding  that he is providing advanced physiotherapy to his wife, and she is responding positively to it. “It is vehemently denied that I have stopped making payments to the staff charged with the care of my wife. It is vehemently denied professionally-trained nurses are no longer in charge of the care of my wife. It is denied that I have at any time refused copies of my wife’s medical papers to the petitioners.”              

On hearing both sides and on the basis of proof, the High Court has dismissed Moushumi and her husband Jayanta Mukherjee’s petition seeking guardianship and access to their comatose daughter.