Copyright issue quashes Kareena's Katrina connection

Kareena Kapoor was seen waltzing to the song "Walking on sunshine" by the 1980s American rock group Katrina & The Waves in the first promotional clipping of her just released "Jab We Met". But suddenly the song vanished from all promos!

Director Imtiaz Ali reluctantly admits the song was pulled off due to copyright issues.

"It went perfectly with Kareena's character and the film's mood. In fact, I didn't want to use it in just the first promo but all the promotional campaigns and also as part of the background music in my film," Imtiaz told IANS.

Alas, Imtiaz just couldn't track down the producers of the song "Walking on sunshine". "The song was recorded in 1985. The band is now defunct. We couldn't source the song to its origin."

Rather than risk a copyright-infringement situation, Imtiaz decided to pull the plug on the track.

This latest incident of copyright consciousness in Bollywood is part of a larger campaign to acknowledge and legitimise all derived works in Hindi cinema, especially after the makers of "Partner" were accused of snitching "Hitch" without permission.