Controversy courts Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu has recently been dragged into a controversy, it is said that she was involved in personal/lewd conversations with Samajwadi party general secretary Amar Singh. Last week several media offices received packets containing CD’s titled Amar Singh Ki Amar Kahaani which contained alleged phone conversations between Singh and various industrialists, politicians and film actresses.
Bipasha Basu is currently in Wai and Mahableshwar for Vishal Bharadwaj’s film Omkara, she has however given a statement claiming that the allegations made about her are false and she is horrified by them. She claims that these accusations are outrageous and merely slanderous; the model turned actress has denied that the voice on the tape is hers. She intends to explore legal options against these malicious claims.

Bipasha believes that the truth will eventually come out and she says that she is open to any kind of voice analysis if it is required. However as there are legal technicalities involved she is unable to say anything more at this point.

She states that her friends and family are aware of the kind of person she is and would never give credence to such reports and for this she is genuinely thankful to them.

Amar Singh is known to mix around with the who’s who of bollywood; a few of the other actresses whose voices are rumoured to be on the tapes are Mahima Chowdry and yesteryear actress and MP Jaya Pradha. It is a well known fact that Amar Singh is quiet close to the first family of bollywood, the Bachchans. There are also alleged conversations of illegal matters between Amar Singh and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Mulayam Singh as well as noted industrialist Anil Ambani. The authenticity of the tapes has yet to be determined and the case is being looked into.